Daily Disinfection Solutions

When tap Water is infused with Ozone it becomes a powerful broad-spectrum microbiological control agent that effectively inactivates an extensive variety of dangerous Pathogens and Viruses.
Unlike most chemical disinfectants which retain their toxicity, Ozone Infused Water reverts back to its original state with no chemical residue.
Ozone (O3) is a triatomic form of Oxygen which has 3 atoms unlike oxygen that only has 2 atoms. The loosely bonded third oxygen atom will break free and attack a virus or pathogen with extreme force.
Ozone offers real protection as pathogens often mutate to resist disinfection. Due to the oxidation power of ozone there is no mechanism for pathogens such as Covid-19 and Norovirus to create immunity to ozone as with other chemical disinfectants and biocides.
We comply with OSHA safety standards for all our gaseous Ozone Solutions